Healing Touch is a powerful form of energy healing. Using gentle touch, the practitioner removes stagnant or blocked energy, allowing clients to catalyze their own innate healing capacities. Healing Touch has supported self healing in ailments ranging from life-threatening illnesses to the common cold, fatigue and stress.

Clients are assisted in creating a regimen for healing on all levels of their being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Long distance healings are also available. Akal Dev is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Her exquisite flute playing at the end of the session brings the healing to a still deeper level of integration.
Clients Say…

” I have not met anyone who personifies the true nature of a healer as you do. Thank you.”

“Your session resulted in the best visit with my mother-in-law that I’ve had in years!”

“After battling stage 4 cancer for eighteen months, I came to see Akal Dev. Five Healing Touch sessions later, a bone scan and CT scans revealed that all the metastases were gone. I am healed! I believe that prayer and Healing Touch were the key catalysts for this miraculous healing.”