When my beloved cat of 11+ years died suddenly over three years ago, I was inspired to become an animal communicator. I draw on many years of meditation and other practices that deepen intuition and listening. I am also blessed to have a wonderful mentor who assists me in this latest “hat” that I currently wear. Most of all, I am supported by a deep love for animals. My favorite books as a child were Lassie Come Home , Black Beauty and The Black Stallion books. I have shared my life with seven cats, and have also lived with dogs at two different times. Sessions can be in-person or by phone. Distance is typically not an issue.

A Reading for Biskit

“Thank you so much for the reading about my cat, Biskit. You nailed her personality and put my mind at ease about her new vocalizations!
I have attached a picture of us enjoying the reading.”

“I very much enjoyed talking with Akal Dev about my cat and most especially, the time the three of us were in communication. Akal Dev gave me some helpful suggestions and also helped me see a limiting belief of mine that my cat was mirroring for me.”

“Akal Dev Sharonne tuned right into my dog. She reminded me of the time before Honey came to live with me and how that has continued to influence her. She offered good suggestions about diet, exercise and supplements.”

“I really enjoyed the animal communication session with you. My semi feral kitty seems calmer and more grounded. He seems more confident too. I liked knowing that he loves me as much as I love him. Thank you very much for letting me know that.”


Akal Dev with Krishna

Narayan greets a guest.


Delight and Akal Dev

Delight joins Akal Dev to celebrate¬† her Crone’s crowning,